Few are the cities that, such as Siena, have are so full of artistic treasures to consider them prototypes of a style and a period.
The physiognomy of Siena, still intact, is that of a medieval city set on three hills, full of winding and steep streets and enclosed in its massive city walls (about 7 km long) that seem to guard the civilization and treasures of its art and its history. This cradle of Italian Gothic style, home to architects and painters, features one of the most beautiful and best preserved historical centers in Europe and for these merits, in 1995, the city was awarded the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because of its exceptional wealth and for its high and original expressions of culture and civilization, Siena is a candidate for the title of European Capital of Culture for 2019. Due to the enormous historic, artistic and landscape value, Siena is one of the favorite destinations among tourists of the whole world. Not only in the summer, during the biggest event of Siena, the famous Palio (2 July and 16 August), but at any time of the year, millions of visitors come to admire the jewels of Siena. The Palazzo Pubblico and Museo Civico, the imposing Torre del Mangia located in Piazza del Campo in the shape of a shell. The Duomo (or Cattedrale dell’Assunta), identified by its typical trappings of marble in white and black bands. The circular window installed by Duccio di Boninsegna in 1288 (the original of which can be seen in the Museo dell’Opera Metropolitana) is the oldest example of a stained glass window made ​​in Italy.
Also noteworthy is the Pinacoteca nazionale, one of the most important art collections in the world: the Sienese school that between the late twelfth and early thirteenth century developed its own distinct personality, is present here, alive and with immortal masterpieces.
In Siena every street, every square offer thrills and charm: glimpses of antiquity never dormant. Many shops and restaurants line the historic center. The typical sweets, such as ricciarelli and panforte are always appreciated by the palates of the whole world.