High on a hill under the sun, full of fertile vineyards, Montepulciano, the hometown of Poliziano, was from ancient times linked to Chiusi and the Etruscan area and later entered the history books, after year 1000, with the battles between Siena and Florence, between Church and Empire, between the Guelphs and Ghibellines that bloodied for centuries the Italian soil.
Located between the valleys of Orcia and Chiana, Montepulciano offers a wide view of the great plain of Tuscany and Umbria, with the lakes of Montepulciano, Chiusi and Trasimeno, and the Mount Amiata.
Many religious and civil buildings such as the church of Madonna di San Biagio, the Palazzo Pubblico, Palazzo Tarugi, Palazzo Venturi, the Palazzi Avignonesi, the Palazzo Contucci di Sangallo il Vecchio and of course the home of the poet Poliziano give this city, full of stories and memories, an unmistakable mark of true nobility.
Piazza Grande is the heart of Montepulciano and the stage of the main events of the city, including the “Bravio Delle Botti“, which is held every year in August. A walk through the streets of Montepulciano is the best way to discover the city and its attractions and at the same time to admire the stunning view of the surrounding countryside covered by vineyards that produce the famous Nobile.